Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 X Factor 2015 Auditions Tips To Get You Through UK And Australia Auditions

Posted by Harshit Singh
X Factor 2015 auditions is the first step to the ladder of the your success. You must be fully prepared for this grand event of your life, So here are some tips or advice which will help in your preparation and during the audition period. For auditions schedule visit Australia and UK page.

 X Factor Auditions 2015 Tips

  1. Firstly, keep in mind that X Factor judges are searching for next big recording artist, so just be your-self and try to fit in their envision by your vocal.
  2. During the audition period you will get only 2 minutes time to impress the judges as they see thousands of people so be prepared
  3. If you are singer and composer then never ever perform on your own written song it will never work as it show as self-indulgent. 
  4. Arrive early at audition venue as X Factor has strict policy and they work on First Come & First Serve.
  5. Practice at lest 5 songs and just cram them word by word! Caution, if you have any favorite song then beware as Simon Cowell will never allow to sing that song as he always says this, "don’t sing that I bored with that song sing another".
  6. During singing in audition Don't Dance excessively as judges will judge on your song and not on your dance. If they select you, then later on they will teach you how to dance during the song. 
  7. Get prepared in your mind that you may need to sit around a lot till your named is call out, so make sure you have plenty to eat and drink.
  8. Girls need not to wear any excessive sexy outfits as it is not going to help for sure because it will attract the judges attention but they will miss there focus on your voice.
  9. Boys too are advised not show your six packs or your gym muscles. Just be in some descent clothes which makes you comfortable and confident.
  10. At last  it is a 3 step process before getting to sing in front of X Factor judges. Initial X factor screening audition is done in front of junior production staff. If you sing well you will receive a golden ticket, allowing you to return and sing to a more senior X Factor production member. If you pass this stage then you will be seen by the judges like Simon Cowell and other.
So, Friends just keep these points in your mind before you go to audition.Here is also one video in Simon Cowell itself explains the important points for audition. So, have fun and GOOD LUCK!!